About us

We are a safari company located in Nairobi with commitment to provide you with a memorable African travel experience.

This is backed by our professional training and experience that make us stand out from the crowd, while giving you personal attention and doing little things differently to make a safari experience of a lifetime.

Our team consists of tourism product developers and safari experts all with first hand experience of the various destinations and facilities to ensure they are up to the task in guiding you in planning and executing your holiday. All our staff are from the region, with perfect knowledge about African wildlife and the different cultures. We are dedicated to helping you plan your perfect private Safari, with expert, informed advice whether you are a first time or experienced traveler. At Heri Africa we customise each itinerary to suit the individual’s or group’s wishes.

Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon, bush adventure, seeing wildlife, Eco Tourism, luxury safari or with an adventurous spirit and have your ideas of the holiday you would like, just drop us an email info@heriafrica.com; Our capable team will sort you out.

For a day off, a long weekend, a weekend holiday or a long vacation we will put together a program that suits your personal taste and preferences.