Dalphne Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary

Program at a glance

Open for 1 hour (1100 hrs to 1200 hrs everyday)

About The Dalphne Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary 

Its located in the Western part of the Nairobi National Park and accessed through Magadi road. This is a sanctuary for orphaned baby elephants that are rescued from the wild and taken care of until they are around 3 years and then slowly reintroduced in to the wild at Tsavo East National Park. Most of the baby elephants end here after their mothers have been killed by poaching or if found alone or abandoned at an early age as they cannot survive in the wild. For the one hour they are open, you can watch the baby elephants being fed  and interacting with their caregivers. if they come close you get to touch them.

The Sanctuary allows you to adopt a baby elephant for US$ 50 for a year. once you have adopted they update you on the monthy growth and  progress of the adopted elephant in addition to allowing you to interact with the elephant in the evening.